Positive Employee Relations Training

Positive Employee Relations have become all the rave over the last few years. While most companies who provide this training have a  focus on avoiding unionization, we customize our training to each client in an effort to teach leadership how to show care and concern for their team members. When your culture becomes one of community, care and trust, your employees will become engaged and functioning in a state where they are motivated to contribute to the companies success. They give their best and make additional efforts to accomplish important tasks in order to reach goals. In this state unions will be less likely to succeed with their tempting propaganda. This training does not solely focus on union tactics, Do’s and Don’ts, and  NLRB. We choose to approach Positive Employee Relations around the human element of ensuring your team members needs are met. Because we know that commitment occurs naturally once needs are fulfilled.

Rapid Response Team Training

How do you prepare your management team for the rapid, fast paced environment of a union campaign, without actually going through a campaign. How do you ensure that they are prepared, knowledgeable and comfortable with engaging employees about the topic. The RRT Training explores with greater knowledge and understanding of the current labor relations environment in order to assist the organization in maintaining a union-free workplace. Preparing participants to serve as internal labor relations and communications resources. This training is designed to enhance managements comfort, knowledge and skills to: Engage employees in conversations about unions and unionization. Persuade employees to explore and consider all facts and information before exercising their right to support or not support a union, and Provide resources and coaching support to management regarding communicating with employees.

Vulnerability audit

Consistently checking the pulse of the company will give the leadership a real-time perspective of the well-being of its workforce. Without continual feedback, employees will feel disconnected from management and seek alternate avenues to voice their concerns. Giving the workforce an opportunity to openly express their feelings toward management without the fear of retaliation will give them a sense of satisfaction that their voice is being heard. Respecting the interests of the employees will also foster a healthier work environment for all parties. The Labor Pros conduct timely Vulnerability Audits to evaluate the sentiments of your hourly workforce, giving management sufficient time to create strategies and make essential changes.  These Vulnerability Audits provide the platform necessary to effectively evaluate vulnerability to outside organizations and/or unionization.

Card Inoculation Training

So what happens when the union shows up at your door? A social media post, a union meeting flier, or a union authorization card in the break room. We can help you communicate with your employees; be sure they understand the company’s position and desire to remain union-free and the reasons behind it. While unions have a tremendous amount of freedom to solicit employees, make promises and “organize,”The law restricts  employers much more. Employers can and should talk to employees about why they think the workplace can do without the union. We educate your workforce to see beyond the unions promises and propaganda and emphasize your policies, practices and culture that are already in place that make your company a great place to work. Let your employees hear your side of the story so that they can make an educated decision about how bringing a union into the workplace will affect them.

Countering Campaigns

Our team will work with management to help your organization achieve the best possible outcome. We can provide a strategic response to labor union organizing efforts, ensuring your work place stays union free and your business or organization is protected. During a union campaign, employers are permitted to engage in activities that will not interfere with an employee’s ability to make a free choice in a union election. A union organizing campaign can be an incredibly divisive and destructive experience for your organization or business. Your employees have a right to unionize, but you also have a right to educate them about potential dangers and negative effects of labor union representation.. Often, it’s your efforts that can protect them from unwittingly putting everything on the line. We will work to guide you in the best ways to educate your employees about the dangers and problems of unionization and address underlying issues in your workplace.

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