Relax, we’ve got you covered

The Labor Pros’ mission is to strengthen the connection between management and employees for effective business relations.  We fulfill our mission to our clients by training management, giving employees an outlet to communicate, and becoming a conduit to facilitate lines of communication between all parties. 

Our Services

Positive Employee Engagement Training

We customize our training to each client in an effort to teach leadership how to show care and concern for their team members. When your culture becomes one of community, care and trust, your employees will become engaged and functioning in a state where they are motivated to contribute to the companies success.

Vulnerability Audit

Consistently checking the pulse of the company will give the leadership a real-time perspective of the well-being of its workforce. Without continual feedback, employees will feel disconnected from management and seek alternate avenues to voice their concerns.

Human Resources

CEO’s should periodically check in with their workforce to determine whether management’s relationship with its employees remains strong. Doing this will help you determine what areas of your workforce lack engagement. Only then can management take a critical look at employment conditions, find areas that can be improved, increase employee engagement and loyalty of the brand.   

Gladiator Training

We provide the training needed by supervisors and managers to make sound decisions during these unpredictable times. Management can rest assured that all legal and ethical expectations will be covered in depth, educating them on the laws that govern the unionization process.

Countering Campaigns

The primary goal of a corporate campaign is to publicly misrepresent a company and its leadership, as well as siphon funds from employees. The creative use of politicians, media, religious leaders, and outspoken personalities add significant pressure to organizations to submit to union demands.

COVID-19 Course

The Coronavirus outbreak presents new and unprecedented challenges in the workplace as employers strive to keep businesses running while supporting the physical, mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Your organization needs to respond and address business operations and employee concerns. In addition it must look to the future and foresee the changes within the workplace culture. 

Card Inoculation Training

The Labor Pros believe that timely preparation speaks volumes to the credibility of a company. We educate your workforce to see beyond the unions promises and propaganda. We spotlight your practices and culture that are already in place that make your company a great place to work.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Every organization should employ a diverse team of people that is reflective of the culture in which it exists and operates. One way that you should be creating a more welcoming and happy workplace is by building respect between management and the employees that often get underrepresented.

Union Avoidance

Where there is no perfect workplace or workforce, the law supports that the company is the only entity who can guarantee real changes. A union threat is the fastest way to sever open lines of communication between management and employees.  Addressing this threat using proper legal processes protects the integrity of all parties involved.