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Countering Campaigns

“Corporate campaigns swarm the target employer from every angle, great and small, with an eye toward inflicting upon the employer the death of a thousand cuts rather than a single blow”

– Richard Trumka (president, afl-cio) 

The primary goal of a corporate campaign is to publicly misrepresent a company and its leadership, as well as siphon funds from employees. The creative use of politicians, media, religious leaders, and outspoken personalities add significant pressure to organizations to submit to union demands.

Using political clout, financial means, and long periods of time, these unions seek to break down the relationships built between the leadership and employees. Developing a state of confusion, distrust, and creating internal enemies towards your brand. This slow, drawn out process is in place solely to alienate all parties from any lines of productive communication.

The Labor Pros believe that an organization that is proactively communicating with its employees, community, and third party vendors will successfully navigate through these times of uncertainty and doubt. Helping facilitate this proactive communication between all parties enables companies to reconnect and rebuild relationships, successfully countering any corporate campaign. It comes down to, will your outside connection believe the media propaganda or will they trust the brand that they know and love.


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