still practicing social distancing?

The Labor Pros offer several options for web-based sessions. Even while practicing social distancing, our online training provides interactive tailored learning with the opportunity for discussion and collaboration. The labor pros create high impact, energy filled virtual learning that gives the participant the feeling that the facilitator is standing right in front of them. 


Gladiator Training

Preparing management to handle and address conflict is an important step in preventing unionization.  

Careful preparation must be made in advance to give management the tools needed to handle the pressure of discontented employees. Management that is fully prepared to face these challenges will convey confidence in both their training and their employer. With leadership ready to face questions and equipped to manage conflict, employee confidence in their company will grow if they are readily met with satisfactory solutions.

We provide the training needed by supervisors and managers to make sound decisions during these unpredictable times. Management can rest assured that all legal and ethical expectations will be covered in depth, educating them on the laws that govern the unionization process.

The Labor Pros believe that timely preparation speaks volumes to the credibility of a company.

Are your managers ready to become Gladiators?

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