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Union Avoidance

Unions are outside paid sales people that are designed to exploit and/or create issues within your workforce.

Where there is no perfect workplace or workforce, the law supports that the company is the only entity who can guarantee real changes. A union threat is the fastest way to sever open lines of communication between management and employees.  Addressing this threat using proper legal processes protects the integrity of all parties involved.

Conducting a National Labor Relations Act campaign requires seasoned labor relations consultants, who not only understand the complexities of an organizing drive, but also have experience working with the best traditional Labor attorneys in the country.

Our firm educates employees to see past the union propaganda, enabling them to make conscious decisions at the ballot box. Communicating directly with employees as a prospective bargaining unit, we convey realistic views of what employees will expect from a unionized work environment, as well as their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. 

The Labor Pros strive to create an environment where employees feel empowered to communicate directly with management, thus improving relations and dissolving the desire for union representation.

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