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EST. 2003

One of the greatest strengths of a company is tapping into the strengths that a diverse workforce brings to your organization.


The Labor Pros’ mission is to help facilitate open lines of communication between corporate, management and employees. Our goal is to help create engaged employees, and a positive work environment which helps to create a loyal workforce. 

Our internal team is comprised of multiple ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In order to build high standards of trust, we effectively connect with your workforce, while honoring their ideological and cultural differences.

The impeccable reputation of being both professional and courteous gives us a competitive business advantage. Having a good reputation is crucial in getting your people to trust and engage with our team. These qualities are an integral part of the core values upon which the company was founded. 



Our President

Nekeya Nunn is the Founder and Chief Executive of The Labor Pro’s, Inc. Nekeya is a talented and energetic leader who works closely with companies to educate management on what makes their employees vulnerable to outside interference. Her desire to “get in the trenches” gives her the versatility to deal directly with hourly workforce, where she displays the ability to connect, build trust, and persuade team members to see beyond propaganda and create a work environment in which people will choose to be motivated, contributing, and happy.  

Ms. Nunn believes in keeping companies union-free by promoting employee development opportunities, due process approach to problem solving and regularly scheduled communication opportunities. Creating an environment where employees have direct goals, open lines of communication, and empowerment through responsibility, builds employee ownership of your organization. 

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